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Shock And Aw of the Day: An ad for Dubuque’s Riverview Center — a nonprofit advocacy group for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence — features footage of a smiling baby who will supposedly grow up to rape his girlfriend. Not surprisingly, some people have a problem with this.

Also: Worst. Huggies commercial. Ever.

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This is a brilliant ad. Thank you Josh Jasper.

Josh Jasper- “I probably do focus my attention on redefining masculinity rather than femininity because the vast majority of violence perpetrated in society is done by men,” he said. “But an important distinction is that a vast majority of men aren’t violent. It’s a very small group of men. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough men and boys who are speaking up saying, ‘This isn’t OK.’”

Jasper is not a man hater and I do not believe this ad promotes hatred of men. So everyone who is sending death threats to Jasper, please stop and please don’t procreate.

This is a powerful ad and we hope that it initiates a closer look at how sexual violence begins (with the unfortunate misguidance of young people) and how it can end.  


Unsilenced Pictures is excited to announce that we are so excited to have fiscal sponsorship from the Center for Independent Documentary for our project Underneath the Surface: Modern Day Slavery from Phnom Penh to Portland.

This is exciting for many reasons including now all donations can be tax deductible and we can finally being applying for grants! 

As soon as our Unsilenced Pictures web page is up on the Center for Independent Documentary is up and running, we’ll let you all know!

This short is a vision of the feature length documentary, Underneath the Surface.

Check out our website www.unsilencedpictures.com

Underneath the Surface: Modern Day Slavery from Phnom Penh to Portland

-This short is a vision of the feature length documentary, Underneath the Surface.

For more information, visit www.underneathdoc.com

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